The Book of Sorrow


“This is a book about the Holocaust, the unprecedented extermination of about 6 million Jews, including more than 200,000 from Lithuania, during the World War II. Let it serve as a modest monument to the annihilated Lithuanian Jewish community as well as a grave accusation against the organizers and executors of the systematic destruction of the Jewish people.“


Key accomplishments

  • Revival of Lithuania’s Jewish Community (LJC) -former active LJC Board member
  • Establishment of LJC Jewish Museum and Holocaust Section (the Green House)
  • Discovering and marking mass graves of Lithuanian Jewry (worked closely with local municipalities in finding and marking mass graves of Holocaust massacre; documented the work done which resulted in The Book of Sorrow)
  • Inspecting, inventorizing and protecting the old Jewish cemeteries of Lithuania (worked closely with local municipalities in finding and marking the old Jewish cemeteries; part of the abovementioned work done was presented in The Book of Sorrow)
  • Mounting major historic exhibits (Butrimonys)
  • Combating Holocaust Revisionism and “Double Genocide” with the facts (wrote about it in the book The Shoah in Lithuania, 2006)




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