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p. Levinsonas

Welcome to the website www.josephlevinson.com!

This website was created with the purpose to save the work of my father, Joseph Levinson, in preserving the memory of the Lithuanian Jews who perished during the Holocaust.

It also serves as an information source of what my father did in discovering and marking mass graves of Lithuanian Jewry as well as in inspecting, inventorizing and putting in order the old Jewish cemeteries of Lithuania.

At the moment the webpage enables the readers to see initial information about Joseph Levinson and his accomplishments. One can also buy Joseph Levinson‘s books, The Book of Sorrow and The Shoah (Holocaust) in Lithuania, through Amazon or from the website directly. In addition to the hardcover options today we can already also offer the abovementioned books in some electronic formats: The Shoah (Holocaust) in Lithuania in PDF format, and The Book of Sorrow in ePUB and MOBI formats.

In the future the website will be developed by loading more information, pictures and other materials related to the work of Joseph Levinson.

We‘ll do our best to respond to all your inquiries which could be sent from the Contact section of the website.

We would also appreciate your comments and suggestion on how to improve the web page and would place valuable material received from you on the website.

With best wishes,

Alex Levinson