The purpose of the book The Shoah in Lithuania is to provide a broader audience of readers with the opportunity to become acquainted with what really happened during the Shoah in Lithuania and to grasp its terrible consequences, scale, and the role of individual factors in it.

Various types of material are presented here – documents, articles, memoirs, studies of events, testimonies, etc. Their sources and circle of authors are diverse and wide. These are people who lived through the Shoah, who were fated to survive and publish their memoirs in press and in books, including Yahadut Lita [The Jews of Lithuania]. These are people from Lithuanian cities and towns, witnesses of those events, who also published their memoirs. These are historians who have researched those events. These are criminals who participated in one way or another in the massacres and gave testimonies to law enforcement agencies. These are authentic documents that have survived from those times.

– Joseph Levinson

Read some chapters from the book here:

Foreword – Joseph Levinson (11)

Introduction (to Volume One) – Saulius Sužiedėlis (17)
Introduction (to Volume Two) – Saulius Sužiedėlis (21)

The LAF and First Acts of the Provisional Government (163)

Appeals Distributed in Lithuania Before June 22, 1941 (166)

A Decree on the Collection of Documentary Material About the Activities of the Partisans (170)